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Development with WordPress

Trust us to design professional, user-friendly software using WordPress.

Experts in Development with WordPress

At Make IT Simple, we can use WordPress to develop and optimize your website and mobile applications. Our team has extensive experience on this platform and we offer services for any need or requirement you may have. We’ll provide technical support and work closely with you to make certain that you are satisfied with your product.

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What You can do with WordPress

WordPress has become a favorite among many of our clients. Not only is the software that we design with WordPress engaging and responsive, it offers an interface for you as the owner of the software to create and manage content without requiring coding experience. Our clients love the ability to add to or adjust their web page or application on their own in order to meet evolving demands and needs.

Services we offer with WordPress

CMS for content creation, management, and publication that doesn’t require coding experience

Regular updates provided by WordPress to keep your software secure, bug-free, and equipped with the latest features

SEO features to enhance your site's visibility and ranking on search engine results

Thousands of plugins to extend your site's functionality

User management with defined roles and access permissions

Customizable themes

Compatibility and co-development with WooCommerce. Learn more below.

Web Optimization with WordPress

It’s essential to optimize any website developed with WordPress to ensure that it is fast, secure, and reliable.


First, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your website's current speed that measures the load time and server response speed, as well as code efficiency and the number of HTTP requests.

Code and Image Optimization

After evaluating your website's current speed, we optimize the code and images to improve speed. This includes removing unnecessary code and compressing images to reduce file size.

Caching Solutions

Finally, we implement caching solutions such as plugin caching, browser caching configuration, and CDN implementation to significantly increase speed.

WooCommerce with WordPress

At Make IT Simple, we can use WooCommerce® * in tandem with WordPress to design your custom ecommerce websites. You will be able to view and manage not only blog posts and pages, but also product descriptions, customer reviews, and more from the same platform, saving you effort and time. Since both WooCommerce and WordPress are inherently scalable, your ecommerce website will be able to handle future increases in traffic and workloads.
Learn more about WooCommerce here.

Here is some of what we do with WordPress and WooCommerce:

Custom Themes: The custom themes we use to develop your WordPress website are fully compatible with WooCommerce. Using the combined features of WooCommerce and WordPress, we can design a unique and personalized online store that strengthens your business branding and appeals to your customers.

Plugins: There are thousands of plugins available with WooCommerce and WordPress websites. We can help you select and integrate the most beneficial ones for your eCommerce site, such as payment gateways, adding live chat support, enabling advanced SEO, and more. Additionally, we can develop custom plugins to extend the functionality of your store.

Responsive Design: With the growing popularity and importance of mobile shopping, we develop WooCommerce-enabled WordPress sites to be fully responsive, ensuring that your online store is aesthetically-pleasing and functions smoothly across all types of devices.


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