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WooCommerce Websites

When Make IT Simple develops your WooCommerce®* website, you can be sure that your online store will be user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, and fast.

Custom Web Development with WooCommerce

WooCommerce offers a plethora of plugins, extensions, and themes which allow us to design your website to match your business branding and needs. Using WooCommerce, we can create unique, customized shopping experiences that drive customer engagement and sales.


WooCommerce Integration with Existing Applications

At Make IT Simple, we can integrate WooCommerce into your existing web applications if you want to enjoy the customizable features offered by WooCommerce while retaining the content and design that you already have.

Payments with WooCommerce

We integrate reliable, customer-friendly payment gateways into your WooCommerce store to improve shopping-experience and build customer trust. You can also rest assured that these secure, integrated payment gateways will protect your customers’ information and transactions.

Optimization with WooCommerce

Just like with any other website, optimizing WooCommerce applications is essential for their performance. We can optimize both the ecommerce store we build for you and your existing websites. We will…

Implement caching solutions

Optimize images

Improve and streamline code

Reduce server response time

Increase overall speed

With Make IT Simple, our WooCommerce service doesn’t end with deployment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your ecommerce store is functioning optimally.

Support and Maintenance

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