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Hosting Solutions

At Make IT Simple, we can configure and migrate your systems to cloud hosting services that guarantee better speed, security, and scalability for your business.


How can Cloud Hosting Help My Business?


Rather than having all of your data on-site and in a single location, copies will be held in multiple locations in case of hardware failure or natural disaster.

Loading Speed and Performance

With multiple servers and large processing capabilities, our cloud hosting services ensure the speed and high-performance needed to ensure an excellent experience for your users.


The cloud hosting providers we can configure your systems with—such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Linode, and Digital Ocean—are well-known for their reliable and strong security measures.

Cost Efficiency

On-site servers and hardware can be expensive and time-consuming to maintain, upgrade, and scale. With our cloud hosting services, you pay only for the services you use and most maintenance, upgrades, and hardware issues are taken care of.


Cloud hosting services provide high scalability, as resources can be added or reduced quickly based on demand. This makes cloud hosting a particularly great option if your business has websites and applications with fluctuating traffic.


The Transition to Cloud Hosting with Other Companies

  • You pay a high premium for all of what they do and don’t do
  • Their process is long, rigid, and complicated
  • You have to deal with downtime and constant issues

Cloud Hosting with Make IT Simple

  • You pay only for what we do

  • We communicate with you in all stages of migration and configuration

  • Our process is streamlined, timely, and flexible to meet your needs

  • We ensure that your system is configured and optimized with your cloud hosting provider to be secure, reliable, and fast

  • We take care of the complexity and make it Simple for you


Server Configuration

At Make IT Simple, we offer incredible server configuration services to connect your systems with any hosting provider of your choice. We also save you thousands of dollars by starting with what you already have or building your server from the ground up, guaranteeing that your product will be less expensive but just as secure, reliable, and high-performing.

Our Cloud Hosting Providers

We’ll work with you to configure your system with the hosting provider of your choice.


Google Cloud



Digital Ocean

Having a properly configured DNS is essential for security and efficiency. If you are having problems with your DNS, we can help you identify and resolve the issue. When working with you to set up a new website or change hosting providers, we’ll configure your DNS to ensure high performance.

DNS Management

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