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Server Migration

As your business expands, you might realize that you need to migrate your server to a new platform that can support the increasing workloads and mitigate your costs and risks. It might seem like a daunting task, but with Make IT Simple, you’ll find that it really is Simple.

Streamline Your Server Migration with Our Help

We offer a seamless migration process that minimizes downtime and ensures your data is secure throughout the transition. We’ll work with you to put together a customized migration plan.

Why might I need to migrate my server?

Efficiency and performance

Upgrading your server by migrating to a more powerful server or a new type of server architecture will improve overall efficiency, performance, and reliability.


Perhaps the costs of managing and maintaining your current server has risen significantly. We can help you migrate your server to a more cost-effective solution, such as cloud servers.

End of Life Hardware or Software

If your server's hardware or software is outdated and no longer supported by the manufacturer, you might want to migrate to a new server to prevent possible security breaches and compatibility issues.


Data and processing needs will grow with your business and may become too much for your current server. Migrating to a new server will expand your system’s scalability to accommodate increasing needs and future growth.


If you are seeking to improve your disaster recovery and business continuity plans, you might consider migration of your data to multiple servers or a newer, more reliable server.

Why Make IT Simple for Server Migration?


Why Make IT Simple for Server Migration?

Most server migration and configuration services that you can find at other companies will be significantly more expensive than what we can build and configure for you. We will save thousands of dollars for you.

  • You pay only for what we do
  • We communicate with you in all stages of migration
  • Our process is streamlined, safe, and timely
  • We ensure that your system is configured and optimized in its final destination to be secure, reliable, and fast

How do we carry out server migration?



We analyze your current server infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.



We design a migration plan that fits your business needs and budget.



We thoroughly test the migration plan to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.



We carry out the migration process, including data transfer and configuration setup.



We monitor the new server environment to ensure everything runs smoothly and address any issues that may arise.

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