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Your Choice of Cloud Provider

At Make IT Simple, we offer you the option to choose any provider that suits your needs and preferences. All of our cloud services are compatible with the cloud provider of your choice.

Aspects of Popular Cloud Providers



Amazon S3

Object storage service that offers scalability, data availability, security, and performance

Amazon RDS

Management services for relational databases

AWS Auto Scaling

Application monitoring that automatically adjusts capacity to maintain reliable, cost-effective performance

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Platform for deployment and scaling of applications that handles the capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health


Hybrid cloud capabilities: Integration and management of existing on-premises infrastructure with the Azure cloud as one unified environment

Azure SQL Database: Managed database with auto-scale, integral intelligence, and strong security

Azure Virtual Machines: On-demand computing resources with the option to choose the size, power, and number of VMs that are run


Google Cloud

Google Compute Engine

Customizable and flexible virtual machines

Google Cloud Functions

Platform for running applications that covers server management and updates

Google Cloud Storage

Fully-managed storage service for storing and serving unstructured data like videos, photos, archives, and more



Load balancers, DNS management, and DDoS protection


Various instances to manage low-intensity workloads, CPU-intensive applications, and memory-intensive applications

Linode Managed

Services to manage infrastructure tasks, alerts, updates, and general maintenance

Digital Ocean


Virtual private servers (VPS) with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities


Managed databases that handle operations such as backups, updates, and scaling


Scalable and secure object storage service for storing and serving data such as audio, video, images, logs, and backups


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