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The Technology We Use

Up-to-date, advanced, and accepted in the IT community.

Web and Mobile App Development

We offer web and mobile application development services using industry-leading frameworks like Vue, React™, React Native™, Flutter™ *, and WordPress. With these technologies, we are able to design professional, customizable, scalable, and user-friendly solutions for your business.

Web Development with Vue and React

Web Development

Web Development with Vue and React

Vue and React are modern frameworks that we use to build interactive single-page applications. Both offer component-based architecture that allows us to create large-scale applications that are easy to maintain and scale. They also use a Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) which means that only necessary changes are made to the DOM, allowing us to update the content, structure, and style of a web page in response to user actions. In addition, both have large communities in the IT world. This means that, for many common problems, established solutions already exist and have been published.

Mobile Development with Flutter and React Native

Mobile Development

Mobile Development with Flutter and React Native

Both React Native and Flutter allow us to develop mobile applications with one codebase that works on both Android and iOS platforms. This can greatly reduce time and resources required for separate development on each platform. Hot loading is another feature common to both frameworks; this feature allows us to inject new versions of the files that we edit at runtime and see the changes instantly without needing to restart the app. This significantly speeds up the development process, as it allows us to test changes in real time and fix bugs more quickly. Both React Native and Flutter allow the development of complex, interactive user-interfaces using components and widgets.

Software Development with WordPress

WordPress has become a favorite among many of our clients. Not only is the software that we design with WordPress engaging and responsive, it offers an interface for you as the owner of the software to create and manage content without requiring coding experience. Our clients love the ability to add to or adjust their web page or application on their own in order to meet evolving demands and needs. WordPress also provides regular updates, SEO features, customizable themes, and other features that make it adaptable and user-friendly. WordPress often requires web optimization in order to run efficiently, so we offer services to optimize your existing or new website developed with WordPress.


Comprehensive Back-End Development

We have a toolbox of technologies—such as Nest.js, C#, Nodes.js® and more—that we use to develop scalable, secure, and efficient back-end solutions. Being able to utilize all of these different technologies means that we can use whichever one is best-suited for a given project and overcome various types of challenges and problems.


Database Management and Integration

Databases are a cornerstone of any successful application as they store and manage the information that drives your systems. We have experience in advanced database technologies such as MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. We design, integrate, and manage databases with these technologies to ensure efficient data handling, high performance, and security.

Innovation and Cutting-Edge Solutions

We stay current on the advances in IT technology and continually strive to improve our processes, enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance your systems and grow your business.

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