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Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Software to manage and automate all of your business operations.

At Make IT Simple, we engineer solutions not just for the ‘customer-facing side’ of your business, but for your business as a whole. With our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services, we develop the applications you need to manage and streamline your business’s sales, human resources, and other back-end operations.

Based on your preferences and needs, we will work with you to engineer and customize any of the following aspects of business operations:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Your customers are one of the most important aspects of your business. We develop and integrate CRM tools to help your business manage customer data, track customer interactions, and enhance customer service.

Human Resources (HR) Software

With our engineered HR Software, you will be able to better manage employee information, track employee performance, streamline HR processes, and foster an excellent work environment.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

We can develop and integrate Manufacturing Execution and Inventory Management Systems (MES/IMS) to help you track production processes, manage inventory levels, and plan for future production needs.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

The SCM tools that we engineer can help you coordinate supply chain activities, such as sourcing raw materials, managing assembly, and delivering finished products.

Quality Management Software (QMS)

The QM software that we develop and integrate will help with both Quality Assurance for proactive quality processes and Quality Control for reactive quality testing and correction, ensuring top quality products and compliance with laws and industry standards.

Project Management and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

This type of software will help you plan, execute, and monitor project progress, including the storing and managing of multiple project portfolios at once.

Financial Management Software

We can integrate and develop Financial Management software to help you manage company finances, track revenue and expenses, and simplify tax compliance.

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