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“The idea with ‘Make IT Simple’ is that our clients can leave the complexity of tech to us. They don’t have to worry about it since they just say what they're looking for and we do it for them.” ~ Ernesto McIntosh Afane, President - Make IT Simple, L.L.C

Our Mission

Our mission at Make IT Simple is to provide professional, full-stack IT services for our clients that enable them to grow their business without having to worry about the complexity of modern cloud and web engineering technology. We are experienced, flexible, and scalable.


Most Web Developers:

  • Take forever to get your project started
  • Don’t communicate
  • Make it hard to adjust your project after you sign a contract
  • Don’t meet deadlines
  • Don’t stay in touch after your project is ‘done’, leaving you to sort out future issues and demands alone

We make it much more Simple by:

  • Getting started ASAP
  • Working closely with you to understand your needs and customize your solution
  • Always being transparent about costs and timelines
  • Never hesitating to bring on more engineers to meet evolving needs and demands
  • Staying connected and always being happy to work with you again. If there are ever problems in the future or if you need adjustments made, we’ll help you out!

How we do it:

Up-to-date technology

Industry best practices and methods

Flexibility and customization

Detailed work-plan for development and release

Customer-centric approach




Pricing with Make IT Simple

At Make IT Simple, we won’t give you a cookie-cutter, rigid contract like so many other companies do. We work with you to fit our services within your budget, and you can always scale up or down in our open contracts if new needs arise. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like a quote!

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Our Work Process


Analysis and Planning

We take the necessary time to understand your needs and goals, then create a detailed work plan that fits your requirements.



Once a solid work plan has been established, we design a functional and attractive solution that meets your expectations.



After the design is approved, we develop the solution using the latest technologies and industry best practices.


Testing and Validation

We perform thorough testing of your product throughout and following deployment to ensure that it meets industry standards for quality and performance.

Our DevOps Strategy

At Make IT Simple, our solutions and work process are structured with DevOps, which stands for Development and Operations. DevOps is a set of practices and tools, including a CI/CD pipeline, that aims to reduce the time between planning/developing a solution and actually implementing that change. Not only does using DevOps enable us to plan, develop, and deploy stable solutions on a faster timeline, it delivers a product that will facilitate improved communication between your teams and integration between platforms.

  • Faster delivery
  • Stable operating environment
  • Better communication and collaboration
  • Integration

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Discover how Simple it can be to take your business to the next level!

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