Find the perfect plan for your business. All Plans include Social Marketing, Google Ads Management, Domain Management, and GMB Management.
All the Tech your Business needs!

Subscription Services

Best Value

To give you an idea, a basic responsive website goes for $210/month that is $7.00 a day to obtain the following benefits avoiding upfront cost for Engineering Fees.

  • Web Development
  • Server Setup
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Campaign Management
  • Domain Name (Limited)
  • HTTPS - Your traffic will be Encrypted
  • 100% server Uptime
  • Contact us at any time to add more content or adjustments (Restrictions apply)

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Pricing is tailored to the needs of the business

Per Project Service

50% upfront

With this option, you pay in advance for all engineering services. Half to start and the rest upon completion of your project with any additional fees.

You can add as many features as you need. Open communication throughout the life cycle of the project will be essential for this type of Development.

Web Application


What you get Starting at $14.00/day?

  • This includes Admin and Set-Up for any of the following accounts: Car Dealership, E-Commerce, Shops, etc.
  • Registration and Payment Systems
  • Any other customized solution required
  • Dedicated Server
  • Database Integration
  • HTTPS - Your traffic will be Encrypted
  • Cyber Attacks Prevention - We use custom made code and avoid unknown third party libraries
  • Secure Framework that protects your data and your client's
  • Backups
  • Maintenance
  • Campaign Management
  • 99% up times

The Price of these Web Apps can vary. Contact us to get a quote!

Found a better deal? We will match the price!

Understanding your Campaign

The Price of your campaign may vary according to the needs of your business. You can select how much money you want to allocate to your campaign.

As part of the subscription, Make It Simple will manage your campaign.

Additional Engineering Fees

If your static website requires additional components, Make It Simple will assets the work and inform you if there is going to be an additional fee and if you authorize the work.

Email Campaign

If you have a list of contacts that you would like us to run an email campaign, an additional fee will be added to your account at the end of the month. Make It Simple will inform you about the Fee depending on the number of contacts in your list and the number of emails that will be sent.

Make It Simple can prepare your Email Campaign to run a single time or to be sent automatically once a month or per your preferences.

50% Upfront of the Engineering Fees

Once you have received a proposal from Make It Simple. For us to start to work, a 50 percent payment will be required. And the remainder of the fee upon completion with any additional fees.

  • You can take advantage of our Subscription Services and Pay overtime.
  • The duration of the contract most of the time is of 18 months and the monthly payment will be directly connected with the Engineering Fees.
  • The duration of the Contract is negotiable with a minimum of 6 months or upon completion of all the components, features, and tools that the web app requires to run smoothly and securely.
  • For a Web Application since they receive a lot of more traffic that requires user interactions, (i.e submitting a form, registering, making a payment, looking at inventory, searching for specific data or a specific item, etc), Make It Simple puts security first!
  • Make It Simple has the experience of running and maintaining servers processing more than a million transactions a month. Servers that handle Engineering files, uploading and downloading private documents, having backups of critical files ensuring the stability of the web services. Make It Simple is always On Top of things!