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Data-driven applications receive online payments, setup Admin accounts to manage your database, and more! We can help bring your Web Application where it needs to be car dealership, to track inventory Or the need to set up automation for a subscription basis that you offer, perhaps you need a custom feature for your current website.

Make It Simple can help you with all your technological needs, do not add more "To Do's" to your list and leave it to us!


After having a conversation about what you require, we will write a proposal to you about the project, the cost, schedule, and the Details of the plan that you have selected - Subscription-based plan will save you the upfront cost of the tech tools and engineering fees.


We will be in close contact during this process to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Make It Simple doesn't use unknown Third Party Libraries to create your code.


Once the solution is done and fully tested, We set up a day for deployment. If we are adding a feature to your project, during this process we will incorporate it into your solution. We will ensure that all the pieces are working in harmony with your current toolset.


We will work closely with you to cover all the requirements of the feature or web application that you want. We will go through possibilities and limitations to accomplish the scope and the functionalities of your project.


We will select the toolset to achieve your business needs. For example selecting payment integration (Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal, etc), Database, Third-Party integrations if needed. Focusing on security, UX, UI, your audience, and what will benefit your business the best!


You will get a dedicated Server. Which can escalate according to your business needs. As an option, we can set up a load balancer to distribute your traffic to be able to handle thousands of visits to your web app at the same time.

Software Engineering Services, An Easier Way To Build Your Business

Admin Access/Control Web App

You can have total control of what happens with your web application, get email notifications, and record tracking information that will help your customers know where and when they are going to get their product. Automated receipts, Product tracking, Blog section, and more - Call us now to get your Web Application going!

E-commerce made it easy for you, Make It Simple will do all the tech work

Allowing you to focus on your products. Work Smarter not harder - don't become a website builder. If you get a new product or a list of products, Make It Simple will manage it for you with our Engineering Team.

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Contact us and choose the Web Application that best suits your business needs, in the age of the internet your products must be visible and easy to obtain for customers interested in purchasing them.